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August 2021

After a few years away from crypto, I’m back spending nearly 100% of my time on it. Here’s some interesting stuff I’ve stumbled across recently:

Finally, if you are interested in the above and would want to try out future Ethereum product experiments, feel free to sign up here.


Interesting recent links

December 2020



Happy New Year,


Is this thing on?

4 things I wrote and 1 podcast I did

Taps microphone. Is this thing on?

Hello! It’s been over a year since I announced I would be sending updates to this newsletter. Apologies for the delay. 😅


Here’s 4 things I’ve written in the interim:


I had the pleasure of going on Erik Torenberg’s Venture Stories podcast.

Bonus: my home office audio-visual setup I use for video calls.

Will be writing more frequently this fall—so stay tuned!


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